Level 5 Diploma in Well-being and Stress Management Coaching


The CPCAB level 5 Diploma in Stress Management Coaching is a competence based course. It is a unique award accredited by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) and is an valuable part of any stress professional’s profile.

Who is it for?

The Course is ideal for self employed or employed who are interested in developing new skills to work with people. It is an excellent ‘add on’ for trainers, human resources managers, occupational health nurses, health and safety managers, health practitioners, coaches, counsellors and therapists.

This Diploma Course will enable you to:

  • Coach individuals to understand the source of their pressures
  • Use the GROW model to plan an appropriate and realistic way forward
  • Use a range of techniques and activities to help individuals to recognise and begin to deal with pressures and the resulting stress in their lives.
Premier Life Skills Ltd is the only stress and well-being training company offering The Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) accredited Diploma level 5 courses in Well-Being and Stress Management and Stress Coaching.

Course Layout

  • Part 1

  • Self Assessment

    You will carry out a self assessment to ensure your fitness to Coach in line with the Diploma in Stress Management Coaching Standards.

  • Coaching Methodology

    You will then access the initial information for the coaching methodology and learn about the theories and facts of stress.

  • Client Case Presentations

    You will discuss the requirements for client case presentations and how to assess and maintain client records.

  • Self Assignments

    You will then have a break of around 6 weeks where we would ask that you complete the set assignments and begin to prepare your portfolio.

  • Part 2

  • Increase Knowledge

    When you return for the next 2 days we will examine and increase in depth knowledge of stress and the relevance of triggers and drivers associated with coaching.

  • Further Support

    There will be time spent practising role play and triad sessions. Further assignments will be set and on-line support will be available.

  • Part 3

  • Collation of Client Notes

    After a further 16 weeks to collate one client case notes for presentation and having completed 10 hours of recorded coaching.

  • Personality Types

    The next 2 days we explore the different personality types and how to apply the stress management strategies in coaching.

  • 1:1 Tutorials

    You will have 1:1 tutorials over the next 2 days and present your client case notes. There are ongoing triads and role play followed up with supervision by your tutor.

  • Part 4

  • Coaching Practise

    The final 2 days will include, coaching practise, exploring and developing further tools to use, a relaxation exercise and how to set up as a coach.

  • Portfolio Cross Referenced

    During this time completion of your portfolio of evidence can be cross referenced and a tutor assessment carried out.

  • Completion of Diploma

    Typically we would expect the programme and associated study to take approximately 340 hours.

The Training Course comprises 11 Units of Competence as follows:

  1. Developing self awareness
  2. Demonstrate in depth knowledge of stress
  3. Understand various stress models
  4. Apply knowledge of communication skills to develop rapport
  5. Assessing clients and maintaining records
  6. The client centred approach in coaching
  7. The relevance of stress triggers and drivers in coaching
  8. Identify different personality types
  9. Understand the basic concepts associated with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  10. Apply stress management strategies in coaching
  11. Discuss requirements for case presentations

It’s externally accredited by CPCAB, the level of training is excellent and you come away with not only a deep knowledge of the most up to date evidence based theory but also the practical training skills to be able to deliver the tools and techniques in the workplace. Its practical, its informative, Jane and Bev are friendly, helpful and really help you go out and make a difference in the work environment. I would highly recommend any looking to equip themselves with the ability to train others in stress management techniques to do this diploma.

– Carolyne

Training Pack

The Each delegate will be given:

  • A folder of training data
  • A stress management training manual
  • Power-point Slides
  • The course standards
  • Portfolio building materials

£2,500.00 + VAT = £3,000.00