Motivational Maps

Increase Motivation – Increase Performance

Motivational Maps is the tool to build business success and profits by improving staff and team motivation. Motivational Maps is a practical, dynamic and flexible tool for improving the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. It’s an essential tool to uncover motivation and leads to improved decision making, more effective communication and more cohesive teams.

It is a simple on-line diagnostic tool that:

  • Enables individuals, teams and organisations to understand and prioritise what motivates them
  • Reveals how motivated they are
  • Provides practical and effective tools that increase motivation at all levels.

The Motivational Map is a ten page report. This is ideal for developing an individual through coaching or mentoring.
This can be extended to teams, any number of teams, within an organisation.

  • Motivational Maps Questionaire

  • 1hr 1-to-1 session to go through the report/profile

  • 1-to-1 de-brief trainer & brief Line Manager. Go through Team Map* & objectives for team session

  • 1 day team session bespoke for the team

Motivation is the core that links to Energy
Energy produces Enthusiasm
Enthusiastic staff are Engaged
Engaged staff manage change Effectively
Effective staff are more Resilient

I am a big believer in the product and it has been extremely beneficial to identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the leadership team.

– Chief Inspector Murray, Northamptonshire Police