Specialist Courses

Build team or individual resilience to enable staff to perform effectively and productively

We run a range of public and in-house programmes designed specifically to tackle the issues of stress in the workplace and to support the work of stress professionals working on a one to one basis with clients. We can run bespoke in-house stress training courses in Stress and Well-being Management and Resilience training for staff at all levels and also provide consultancy and advice and training in better living/lifestyles and related areas.

designed specifically to tackle the issues of stress and well-being in the workplace
Tailored to your business needs and well communicated to your staff for maximum response rates, impact and success
Premier Life Skills can provide all of these services and work with you on a well-being strategy which would include:

  • A stress/well-being policy
  • The stress/well-being risk assessment documentation using the HSE management standards.
  • Training for managers and employees.
  • Improved productivity and morale

  • Enhanced employee commitment

  • Improved staff retention

  • Better customer service and improved quality