Building Personal Resilience

The workshop will provide delegates with strategies to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity and respond positively when the demands of modern day life become challenging.
Suitable for all members of staff.
The programme can be adapted to meet your organisational requirements.

Building Personal Resilience
By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • An awareness of the importance of building their resilience
  • A clear understanding about the relevance of maintaining physical and mental well-being
  • Discovered their resilient core
  • Learnt new ways to enhance their ability to bounce back from life’s adversities
  • An awareness of the difference between pressure and stress
  • Looked at the early warning signs and triggers to remain in the pressure zone
  • Improved their capacity to deal with changing situations in the workplace
  • Developed skills to cope and manage effectively
  • Experienced relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Produced a resilience action plan

A course workbook is provided by Premier Life Skills

A brilliant course, our manager had arranged for us to attend as a team, this enabled us to talk through the exercises and support each other when we left the course to maintain our resilient action plans

– Retail Organisation

Really interested to find out my resilient core and what I need to work on to build my resilience. Great trainer who understood how organisational change can affect your well-being if not managed effectively

– Public Sector Organisation