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Who We Are:

Since 2007, Premier Life Skills has been one of the UK’s foremost providers of specialist coaching and training for leaders, managers and staff in mental health and wellbeing practices. Our diverse team is dedicated to help managers and employees to respond positively to challenges and change – wherever they occur. We achieve this through a range of programmes designed specifically to tackle the common issues of mental health and well-being in the workplace.

What We Do:
Premier Life Skills are the sole provider of the level 5 Mental Health and Wellbeing diploma and recognised as an accredited training company for Train the trainers, as well as the People 1st International, group and practical training certificate. We also work with ISO Accredited Motivational Maps – a valuable and innovative tool which helps build team or individual resilience, enabling staff to perform effectively and productively. As just one of five Senior Practitioners globally, our worldwide client base attests to the value of this tool across diverse cultures and working environments – and the challenges that we face as leaders and managers in an ever-changing society.
Why We Do It:
Our dynamic team of coaching and mental health professionals share the same strong belief that a thriving business needs an informed approach to wellbeing across every staff tier. In fact, we find that many of our clients present with similar issues such as difficulty working with diverse personalities, addressing staff concerns appropriately, and most typically, improving solid team cohesion to improve productivity. 

Meet The Team

Our Premier Life Skills Trainers

Jane Thomas
Director and Lead Trainer
Fraser Thomas
Training and Development Director
Bev McKay

Training and Development Consultant

Graham Ravenscroft

Associate Trainer

John Perry

Associate Trainer

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

Associate Trainer

Rachel Watson

Wellbeing Consultant

Helen Buri

Associate Trainer

Dr Abi Lucas

Associate Trainer


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Meet The Team

Train the Trainer

Margaret Rose-Reid
Associate Trainer
Tim Ripper
Associate Trainer
Sarah Armstrong-Klein
Quality Improvement & Training Consultant