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Mental Health Courses for Managers and Staff

It’s not easy managing staff; supporting employees effectively has always been a complex, if somewhat underestimated, skill. Yet even those with a natural ability in this area are finding things tough right now. In the wake of the pandemic, we are living and working in a very different world, where workplace wellbeing is no longer just a ‘workplace’ issue, now frequently extending from the office desk to the kitchen tables of our employees.  Worries such as job security, burnout, isolation and health concerns are all taking their toll on even the most resilient of staff. And managers are increasingly having to upskill in Mental Health Awareness to support their teams more effectively during these trying times.

Raising the Bar with Certified Staff Training

Wellbeing measures have thankfully improved of late; the days of a solitary ‘Stop Smoking’ leaflet, or a random local Yoga class flyer on the staffroom fridge, are all but gone. Employers are now grasping the importance of autonomy, self-development and mental health awareness in maintaining a healthy working environment. This is great news for staff – if the support provided is appropriate to their needs.

Awareness does not equal aptitude; and that’s why employers need to seek out in-depth, certified training to ensure that methods used are research-backed, and are safe to practice. Happy staff are also safe staff 🙂

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The Business Case for Mental Health Training

Cheerier colleagues aside, employers understand that there is a solid business case for good Mental Health Training. By building a positive, health-promoting culture, they are more likely to save money on sickness absence, staff turnover and even Employment Law issues. Mental Health Training can help managers to place appropriate support where it’s needed, when it’s needed, protecting their employees, and with that, the company itself.

The Path to Productivity: Workplace Wellbeing 

If you have come across Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will know that the basic needs (food, warmth, shelter) must be secured before we can move to more sophisticated drivers. In the same way, a safe and supportive working environment empowers employees to take on challenges and improve their productivity. And, as any manager will know, when we feel valued and respected at work, motivation and creativity are never far behind. That’s when Motivational Mapping comes into its own, enabling managers to boost staff output, by focusing on the individual strengths and abilities of their team members. Get the foundation right, and anything is possible.

Bespoke Workshops and Wellbeing Strategies

However, strong workplace foundations require true insight and a depth of understanding around the issues which present themselves. Indeed, whilst there may be many common issues across teams, we are always working with a diverse range of personalities – not just of individual staff, but of managers, too. That’s why many of our clients choose a more tailored approach to improve workplace wellbeing.

At Premier Life Skills, we offer bespoke workshops and strategies to help individuals, teams and managers to work more effectively with the resources they have. By gaining a more informed overview of the strengths and challenges within your team, and learning new strategies to improve outcomes, you will be able to competently guide and support your staff more effectively through common issues, and towards your team goals.

Working to your needs - and your Budget 

Naturally, we understand that money is an important factor; that’s why our support can be tailored to fit within your budget, with a view to building your skills on an ongoing basis, as and when you choose. This approach, in contrast to the more typical ‘one-off’ service, is aligned with our ethos that support should always be meaningful and sustainable, building resilience into the infrastructure of a company for tangible long-term benefits. At Premier Life Skills, we believe that a great team starts with strong values – and that starts with us.

Whatever your corporate wellbeing requirements, we can provide the support you need. Get in touch today for an informal chat about how we can help.


Our Reviews

Premier Life Skills

“The Trainer Jane was very knowledgeable and also shared her personal story which made us feel able to share more openly about our own experiences” “The course was great, really interactive, opportunity for discussion and lots of takeaways”


Premier Life Skills

“ I thought this would be the same old information about stress, well-being and performance I was really surprised at the depth of the content and the expertise of the trainer. A thoroughly worthwhile course to attend. Thank you ”

Public Sector Organisation

Premier Life Skills

“ A great course to get signed up for if you are in a managerial role or as an employee. Lots of strategies for you to choose and a workbook that you can take away. Thank you for such an enjoyable course ”

Engineering Organisation

Premier Life Skills

“ Really interested to find out my resilient core and what I need to work on to build my resilience. Great trainer who understood how organisational change can affect your well-being if not managed effectively ”

Public Sector Organisation

Premier Life Skills

“ Fantastic course to help you talk to staff about coming back to work after a period of time away with work related stress. The trainer was really easy to talk to about a very challenging situation which I had no idea how to manage. This course ticked all the boxes with theory and practical exercises. A thoroughly worthwhile course to attend "

Hospitality Organisation

Premier Life Skills

“ This course is a must to attend if you are a manager and you need to understand the importance of well-being risk assessments. The trainer will go through the relevant information and by using case studies enables you to put the theory and practical elements together. I wasn’t looking forward to this training as I thought it would be very health and Safety orientated but I was really surprised at what I learnt and am able to take back to the work place. Thank you ”

Public Sector Organisation


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